Scope of Homoeopathy in Breath holding spells

‘Breath holding spells’ is a type of disruptive behaviour disorder. Breath holding spells are generally benign disorders which disappear with increasing age and careful handling of the child. This behaviour is produced by the child in an attempt to control the surroundings and to affirm his will as against his parents. Often families and parents of such children are disturbed and children themselves exhibit poor behavioural patterns.

Breath holding spells present as sudden cessation of breathing with unconsciousness, fits, and abnormal postures which is frightening to the parents and onlookers. Most parents react either by fear or by anger and frustration which in turn aggravate the behaviour. If not treated well, the child may suffer from conduct disorders or mood disorders or juvenile delinquent disorders at a later age.

Homoeopathy offers an excellent scope in treatment of breath holding spells along with counselling and psychotherapy. Homeopathic medicines can be used for the child as well as parents. Homoeopathic treatment cures the condition and also helps prevent development of any further psychiatric illnesses.

Homeopathic case taking involves patient listening which is helpful to the child as well as the parents. Every patient is treated as an unique individual and not as a diagnosis. Certain remedies like Chamomilla, Cicuta, Cina, Colocynth, Moschus, Nux vomica, Opium, Plumbum, and such can be used to treat the acute episodes whereas, deeper acting remedies help in healing of chronic emotional conflicts, and in cases where psychiatric illnesses run in the families.

Hence, Homoeopathy is a very good modality of treatment for Breath holding spells.

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