Campus Safety

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Safety, Security & Surveillance

Safety, Security & SurveillanceJIMS is dedicated to offer safe environment to live on the campus. We have a dedicated team for looking in to safety from all its dimensions.

  • JIMS has secured perimeters, it is a gated community, which controls entry of visitors and offers 24*7 electronic surveillance.
  • JIMS Campus is fire safety compliant.
  • Campus is well illuminated at all times with back up for electricity.
  • JIMS offers clean and safe drinking water through its filtration plant on the campus.
  • To control waterborne infections, JIMS has STP units for safe disposal of wastewater & sludge.
  • Bio Waste management systems help prevent infections due to contamination of biological waste.

Healthcare facility for students

JIMS Hospital is the teaching hospital attached to JIMS Homoeopathic medical college. JIMS hospital is an integrated hospital with Homoeopathy, General Medicine,Surgery, Gynaecology, Obstetrics, Orthopedics, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Cardiology, Physiotherapy and Dental services available. Hospital has a full fledged diagnostic section with clinical laboratory, Biochemistry, Histopathology, Xray, ECG, 2D Echo and Ultrasonography. Periodic health check ups are done for all the students. The hospital is open 24×7 and students can avail healthcare facilities in the hospital day or night in cases of emergency. As a policy each and every student is covered for accident insurance.

Anti- Ragging Measures

The objective of the institution is to make the campus (College and Hostel), Ragging free and to set an example of decent behaviour of the students to the society.

The institution has taken affidavit from the students and their parents and displayed notices in the campus to bring awareness and the lectures by the authorities are arranged to educate on the consequences of the same. Our policy is to immediately addressed, even if an incidence is minor.

Homoeopathy being holistic non-invasive healing system of medicine and JIMS Homoeopathic medical College & Hospital being governed by HH SriSri Sri TridandiChinnaJeeyarSwamiji who is striving hard to promote health, happiness and harmony , ragging is against the ethos of the institution.

The institution has constituted Anti- Ragging committee under the Chairmanship of Principal of the institute.


Anti-ragging Committee

1) Dr. A. Rajender Reddy
Nodal officer, Anti ragging Committee,
Contact No: 9442300727
Email ID:


2) Dr. Mohammed Irfan
Medical Superintendent.


3) Dr. K. Raghuramchandra
Professor, Dept. Of Pharmacy


4) Prof. Dr. Dhole N.C.
Professor, Dept. Of Practice of Medicine


5) Dr. Sudhamati
Associate professor – Dept. of Community Medicine, & Rector