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The Indian Journal of Applied Homoeopathy is a quarterly Journal published by JIMS Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital. It is registered with RNI, Govt. Of India wide registration no: GOAENG/2006/26673.

The objective of IJAH is to provide information on recent advances on Medical Education Technology, with homoeopathic perceptive, evidence based case studies as clinical material for the student to derive certain concept.

Each issue of IJAH as a theme, which is published well in advance in earlier issues. The first issue of 2016 was exclusively dedicated to Homoeopathic Medical Education Technology module- I, of Central Council of Homoeopathy, second was on injury group of Remedies, third & fourth issue was exclusively on infective illness-Part-I & II, respectively.

Authorship is open for the faculty members, practitioners of homoeopathy, wide experience in teaching – training and clinical practice. The articles are Peer reviewed

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