Ethics on campus

JIMS Homoeopathic Medical College Campus & Culture

For, personal and professional development ethical conduct and discipline are utmost important.JIMS Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital attributes prime importance to discipline, courteous and responsible behaviour on and off the campus. The students are expected to be courteous to each other, staff, patients and visitors. At all times students should conduct responsibly and maintain discipline.


  • Students should respect “Individuals of all religion, caste, gender and race”.
  • Students are advised to “follow your religions but, respect all.”
  • JIMS values hygiene and aesthetics, while on campus it is imperative that a student’s maintains personal hygiene, and keep the surroundings clean.
  • Student are expected to be modest and practice restrain so as to ensure that, their conduct does not cause inconvenience to fellow students, staff, patients or visitor
  • JIMS expects students to practice economy, avoid incurring debts and carrying expensive objects while on campus.
  • JIMS advises students to be sensitive to hunger and water problems around the world hence, not to waste food and water.
  • We at JIMS believe in conserving the environment, and we would love to see our students doing the same.


The students are expected to maintain the highest standard of discipline and conduct in the college. They are subject to the rules and regulations of the College, Central Council of Homoeopathy and the Kaloji Narayana University of Health Sciences, as are displayed on the notice board from time to time.

The Identity Card signed by the Principal is compulsory for every student. The student should wear ID card while on the campus.

Ragging, physical violence, use of abusive language, sexual intimidation and violence, gender discrimination, racism , hurting religious sentiments, damage to property, defacing of walls, theft, mass bunking of classes, gambling, use of drugs & narcotics, alcohol, playing of loud music, possessing fire arms, carrying dangerous weapons, producing forged documents, rash driving, mass absenteeism are condemnable and will attract disciplinary action.

The college authority reserves the right to rusticate the name of any student from the roll for failure to pay the dues or unsatisfactory conduct.The students enrolled in the instruction are accountable for their own behaviour and conduct to the Head of the institution.

Guidelines for Dress Code

Personal grooming is an important part of professional development. Fresh, hygienic and sober look is expected of a doctor to instil confidence in patients. Students are advised to dress themselves appropriate to their future profession. Students are expected to carry themselves in clean attire at all times.

Wearing shirts, trousers, or ethnic wears like chuddidars, salwar kameez, sarees, of comfortable fit is desirable. Students are requested to abstain from wearing close fitting clothes while during their professional hours in college and hospitals.

While participating in National Holidays, College or Professional events students should preferably wear formal cloths like suit, blazer, and overcoat with necessary accessories.

During working hours, footwear, preferably leather shoes should be clean and polished.

Wearing Apron while in college and campus is necessary at all times.Apron should be clean, white, knee length with three pockets.

Attendance & Internal Assessments:

To be eligible to appear for University Exams students are expected to meet the criteria set by University, Central Council of Homoeopathy and College Management from time to time.

Internal Assessments involve performance in following areas

  • Class Attendance
  • Class Performance
  • Performance in periodic exams conducted by college
  • Conduct on the campus