Student Mentorship Program at JIMS

JIMS Homoeopathic Medical College Campus & Culture

Mentorship is a flagship program of the institution initiated by Dr. Pavuluri Krishna Choudhary, Chairman, Academic Council. Each faculty is assigned 10 students to facilitate communication with individual students.

The objective of the mentorship is to maintain good rapport between the student and faculty so as to understand the mentees in terms of their strengths and weakness. It provides academic and emotional support to the mentee to boost up their confidence and encourage them for better performance and overall personality development.

Students should avail maximum benefit out of this program to address issues of induction in new institutions, accommodation in hostel, health issues, emotional support, solving subject wise difficulties, communication issues, academic guidance, exams stress, and issues related to leaves, absenteeism, vacations etc. The management has formulated a teaching- learning policy exclusively for internal evaluation, to be monitored by the mentors, so as to achieve the maximum result in university examinations. Students are instructed to consult their guardian faculty members and seek their guidance. The faculty members are trained to take care of students to make them competent and good human beings.