Role of Homoeopathy in Growth retardation

Normal growth and development are the cornerstones of health of a child. They encompass the physical, mental, emotional and social dimensions.

Growth and development occur in phases and have peculiar pace and characteristics. They are quantitative and qualitative; specific and general. Growth and development exhibit a range like other parameters of assessment of health do. Anything within the range is considered as normal and outside the range is abnormal. Hence, growth and development are assessed by comparison with the average, yet every child has a unique pattern.

Impairment of growth has far reaching consequences on a child’s future. It is important to investigate the cause of growth retardation and treat it on time. Numerous causes such as, genetic abnormalities, malnutrition and deficiencies, exposure to toxins and radiation, infectious diseases, endocrine diseases, pituitary tumours, emotional and constitutional factors affect the normal growth of the child. It is important to investigate the cause of growth retardation and treat it on time.

A homeopathic physician often encounters complaints of retarded growth in paediatric practice. Most cases are constitutional type and are unexplained in nature. Homoeopathy defines disease not merely as a symptom complex, but as a deviation of state of health of the mind, body and spirit. Homoeopathy individualises the patient and analyses the disease by its characteristic pattern. Hence homeopathic treatment is customised, best suited medicine is given to each patient which brings about a cure. Under the right homeopathic treatment, all round development of the child occurs.

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