Post-Mortem Visit Report

Place of visitGandhi Medical College and Hospital, Secundrabad

Department –Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

Hospital – Mortuary

Date of visit15th Dec 2023 and 16th Dec 2023

Time 10 AM to 3 PM

No of visitors84 students of II BHMS , 3 staffs

Objective –  The said visit is a part of academic curriculum

  • To acknowledge the students about procedure followed and legal formalities related to post mortem examination
  • To visit a well established forensic medicine and toxicology department at Gandhi Medical College , Hydrabad.

Brief of visit

  • The JIMS College Students (II BHMS) embarked on a valuable visit to the Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology at Gandhi Medical College in Secunderabad on December 15th and 16th, 2023.
  • The visit included firsthand exposure to autopsies conducted on various cases, such as Hanging, Road Traffic Accidents (RTA), and Cellulitis, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of forensic procedures.Associate Prof. Nagaraj and Dr. Mahender, assisted by Postgraduates, guided the students through these experiences.
  • The participating students were divided into two batches, with 42 students in each batch, totaling 84 students. Faculty members Dr. W. Sandhya Manohar, Dr. Shrinivas Kumbhejkar, and Dr. Anushka Subash actively participated in and supervised the visit.
  • During the visit, faculty members elucidated critical concepts such as estimating the time of death, Rigor mortis, Cadaveric Spasms, Post-mortem Lividity, and their Medicolegal aspects, providing students with valuable insights into forensic medicine.
  • The educational journey extended beyond autopsies, as the students explored the Museum and Court Model at Gandhi Medical College. Dr. W. Sandhya Manohar, Dr. Shrinivas Kumbhejkar, and Dr. Nagaraj shared insights into court procedures, and the museum visit exposed students to diverse specimens, including mummified bodies, wet specimens, bones, and toxicological specimens, contributing to a well-rounded practical understanding of postmortem processes.


  • The visit became very fruitful.
  • The students saw 5 post mortems and faculties of Gandhi medical college explained about minute details of legal formalities followed before postmortem examination, actual procedure of postmortem examination – both external and internal, preservation of viscera , preparation of PM report and also handing over the dead body  to related authorities for disposal.
  • Students are excited to see well established museum and court room in Gandhi Medical college , Secunderabad.


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