Department of Community Medicine Visit to MIR ALAM Water Purification Plant, Hyderabad

A field visit was organized on 9th December 2023 to MIR ALAM Water Purification Plant, Hyderabad to introduce the students to the various methods of water purification & different test conducted to evaluate its purity. 98 students visited the plant along with the department faculty members.

Firstly the students were introduced to the staff working at the water purification plant. They were taken around to see the plant where water is treated at large scale in various stages.

The in-charge explained every step in the process of purification in detail. The students were shown the alum house, sedimentation tanks, reservoirs and filter beds. The back washing technique used in rapid sand filtration was shown to the students as well. The process of chlorination of water was discussed and various tests conducted to assess the purity of water were demonstrated to the students. The in-charge demonstrated the DPD test (N,N-diethyl-p-phenylene diamine) used to assess the residual chlorine in water.

Students were made aware about the need for purification of water so as to prevent water borne diseases. They were motivated to educate the people about water conservation.

Dr. Poonam N. Sutar
HOD, Department of Community Medicine


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