Department of Community Medicine Visit to Milky Plus Foods Pvt. Ltd. (Milk Dairy)

A field visit was organized on 16th & 19th October 2023 to Milky Plus Foods Pvt. Ltd – Milk Dairy for final BHMS students. The visit was to introduce the students to the various methods of pasteurization of milk, test conducted to evaluate the efficacy of pasteurization and to educate them about milk hygiene and prevention of milk borne diseases.

93 students visited the dairy in 2 batches along with the department faculty members.

Firstly the students were introduced to the in-charge of the milk dairy. They were taken around the plant to see how milk is collected & stored in large containers and through different channels supplied to the other units where various milk products are prepared. Students were shown the curd, favored milk, khoya, ghee processing and packaging units. Further they were taken to the milk processing unit where the in-charge explained every step included in the process of pasteurization of milk with different methods like Holder method, HTST and UHT method. Thereafter the students were taken to the laboratory were efficacy of pasteurization is verified by test like phosphate test and standard plate count etc. Students were made aware about the need for maintenance of milk hygiene as to prevent the milk borne diseases.

Dr. Poonam N. Sutar
HOD, Department of Community Medicine


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