Department of Community Medicine Visit to Industry – Vinayak Steel Limited, Kothur

A field visit to Vinayak Steel Limited, Kothur was organized on 15th & 19th June 2023. The objective of the visit was to introduce the students to the various functioning units of an industry and the safety measures followed in the premises to prevent occupational hazards and diseases.

98 students visited the industry along with the department faculty members in batches. On reaching the venue, students were introduced to the engineer in-charge of the industry. The in-charge gave a brief functioning of the unit. He explained the medical and engineering measures followed in the industry.

After the introductory session students were taken around to visit the industry. First the students were taken to the main division of the plant were sponge iron is the manufactured from iron ore. Then the students were taken to the induction furnace were melting of steel takes place at 1600oC. The final product ‘Ingots’ i.e. blocks of steel pieces prepared were shown to the students.

The in-charge emphasized on the need to wear safety equipments to prevent from occupational hazards like burn, trauma, blunt injuries that can accidently happen in the industry. It was indeed a very informative visit.

Dr. Sudhamathi
HOD, Department of Community Medicine


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