Visit to Dharma Kiran Homoeopathic Pharmacy

Visit to Medicinal garden Dharma kiran Homoeopathic pharmacy , Hyderabad by JIMS Homoeopathic medical college and Hospital ,Department of Homoeopathic pharmacy on 1st November ,2022 with 100 Undergraduate students (Ist BHMS 2021-2022 batch), 1 Post graduate students,3 faculty members (Dr.Pravas Kumar Pal, Dr.Raghuramchandra, Dr. Aswathi).

The Managing Director, Dr.B.Sohan Singh guided the study team regarding various sections of the research foundation viz. Mother tincture preparation, tablet preparation, storage of raw material, vehicles and finished products. Later, he showed the drug identification in herbal garden with cultivated varieties of about 200 species of homoeopathic herbs including the methods of propagation, procurement and management of raw drug substance.


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