Department of Community Medicine Visit to Infectious Hospital -Government General TB & Chest Hospital, Erragadda, Hyderabad

A field visit was organized to Government General TB & Chest Hospital, Erragadda, Hyderabad on 19/07/23. The visit was about introducing the students to the functioning of infectious hospital, cases of communicable diseases (respiratory diseases especially TB) and their management.

88 students visited the hospital along with the department faculty members. On reaching the venue, students were introduced to the Medical officer, in-charge for the TB unit. He gave a brief introduction to the functioning of the hospital.

After the introductory session students were taken around to the TB wards. There students interacted with the patients, took their case history and recorded their treatment plan. Further they were taken to the laboratory were sputum sample examination and other test are conducted. The Medical Officer explained in detail about Tuberculosis, investigation recommended to the patients and DOTS strategy. He emphasized the need to make awareness about the communicable diseases, its prevention & control. He answered to all the queries and doubts that students came up with. It was indeed a very informative visit for the students.

He handed IEC material, flipcharts and DOTS medications for sample to be kept in the Community Medicine department.


Dr. Poonam N. Sutar
Professor, Dept of Community Medicine


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