Role of Homoeopathy in Cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is a group of neurological disorders which mainly affect the motor functions of the brain. It is a fairly common disorder which could be mild to severe in presentation. Cerebral palsy could be caused due to various factors before, during or after labour. Antenatal infections, metabolic diseases, cerebral thrombo-emblism, birth asphyxia, low birth weight, prematurity are some of the major reasons causing cerebral palsy.

Stiffness or lack of tone in one or both upper and lower limbs, inability to walk, abnormal gross and fine motor activities, epilepsy, visual, speech, hearing abnormalities and near normal to subnormal intellect are the main presentation of cerebral palsy. Some children might even have mental retardation.

Cerebral palsy is extremely difficult to treat, requiring multiple interventions such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, behavioural therapy, counselling and occasionally surgery. Treatment is usually long term and requires patience and persistence. Success rates of the above interventions in different patients are highly variable.

Homoeopathy has been found helpful in cases of cerebral palsy. Despite having common features, all cases have distinct symptoms different from other cases. The child is not just a case, but has his own emotional and physical make up as well as needs. Homoeopathy studies each case individually and best suited medicines are given to the patient.

By stimulating neuroplasticity, homoeopathy effects favourable changes in the damaged brain of cerebral palsy. Homeopathic treatment helps in controlling epilepsy, assists in development of speech and hearing, augments the intellectual and physical growth and helps in functional improvement of the child over a period of time.

It has been seen that homeopathic treatment improves the quality and speed of recovery when given along with the other supportive therapies. Hence, homeopathy should be offered to patients of cerebral palsy for better prognosis.

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