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Vaccination is an important practice for prevention of infectious illnesses in community medicine. Vaccination prepares the host immunity to fight and prevent the infection. There are various vaccinations that are administered to children and adults. As children are more vulnerable to the onslaught of infections, well defined immunisationprogrammes are implemented by every country. Various life threatening infections are practically eradicated from the world community due to successful vaccination programmes like, small pox, polio, tetanus.

Various products are used for vaccination purpose like, live attenuated virus or dead virus antigen or antibodies or immunoglobulins, purified proteins etc. Apart from these, they also contain antibiotics, stabilisers, preservatives etc which are derived from heavy metals like mercury, lead etc.

Mild to severe reactions to vaccinations are known. Ranging from low grade fever to severe skin and brain affections have been seen post vaccination. Autism, Mental retardation, ADHD and like illnesses are also suspected to be linked to bad effects of vaccinations.

Prevention of disease has been an important concept in Homoeopathy. In epidemics of infections, “homeopathic genus epidemicus” given to non infected persons prevented disease and kept them in a healthy state. Similarly specific medicines prepared from the offending virus or bacteria have been used to prevent those illnesses. E.g. Variolinum for small pox, Morbillinum for measles, Influenzinum for flu, Diphtherinum for Diphtheria, Pertussinum for whooping cough, Pneumococcinum for Pneumococcal and Staphylococcinum for staphylococcal infections are used successfully. These medicines do not have adverse reactions, are safer and very effective.

Homoeopathy also helps treating children with bad effects of vaccinations. Thuja, Silicea, Mezerium, Medorrhinum are some of the homeopathic remedies that are used in such cases. They heal the immediate and late effects of vaccination and restore health of the child.

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