Department of Community Medicine Visit to Primary Health Centre (PHC), Peddashapur

A field visit to Primary Health Centre (PHC), Peddashapur was organized on 6th and 9th March 2023. The visit was to introduce the students to the functioning of the Primary Health Centre, the staffing pattern and the role and responsibilities of the health workers at PHC.

55 students visited the Primary Health Centre (PHC) along with the department faculty members in batches.

Firstly the students were introduced to the health workers at PHC. The Medical officer gave a brief functioning of the centre and explained the staffing pattern to the students. The ASHA workers highlighted their role and responsibilities towards promotion of health, prevention of diseases & participation in awareness programmes. The visiting health worker explained the ANC chart to the students and showed them how regular follow ups are taken of pregnant women and zinc, folic acid supplements are distributed to them. Thereafter the students were taken around to see the PHC.

Dr. Sudhamathi
HOD, Department of Community Medicine


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