Department of Community Medicine Visit to Community Health Centre (CHC), Maheshwaram

A field visit to Community Health Centre (CHC), Maheshwaram was organized on 28th July 2023. 28 students along with the department faculty members visited the centre. The visit was to introduce the students to the functioning of the Community Health Centre, the staffing pattern and the role and responsibilities of the health workers at CHC.

Firstly the students were introduced to the staff nurse who gave a brief introduction to the functioning of the CHC. Then the students were taken around to see the community health centre. They were given information about the investigations conducted for TB-HIV cases, ANC, conduction of normal labour and immunization for children at birth. The staff nurse also emphasized the various procedure conducted in the CHC regarding post exposure prophylaxis for dog bite (anti-rabies vaccination), treating cases of RTA, poisoning etc. Students were able to interact with the working staff at the centre and acquire information and knowledge about their role and responsibilities at CHC.


Dr. Poonam N. Sutar
Professor, Dept of Community Medicine


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