Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder & Homoeopathy

ADHD refers to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This disorder is characterised by
inattention, impulsivity and extreme motor activity. The disorder usually starts before the age of 8 and may persist into the adolescence or even adulthood.

There are no known causes of ADHD, making it difficult to cure through elimination of the
causative factor. Role of heredity, and environmental and social factors is suspected but not
proved. Learning disabilities are commonly found with ADHD. An ADHD child may show
aggressive behaviour, substance abuse and delinquencies etc in adolescence and adulthood.

A child suffering from ADHD is unable to concentrate on any activity requiring sustained
mental effort, he is restless, fidgety, and impatient. In many cases, there is an incessant talking and exaggerated physical activity. Their scholastic performance is poor and they are unable to have successful personal and social interactions. They are a cause of concern for the parents as well as the teachers and society at large.

Pharmacological drugs used in the treatment of ADHD are useful in short term but are
known to have serious side effects. Their efficacy in the long term is highly questionable.
Behavioural therapy has shown to be beneficial yet it is not successful in many cases.

Homeopathy has been used in several cases of ADHD and has shown to have a good
scope. A study conducted in 2001 on children treated on homeopathic medicines vs Ritalin, has shown that 75% children on homoeopathy showed improvement as against 65% on Ritalin. Homeopathic medicines are individualised, have no side effects and the improvement is permanent. They are gentle and safe. Homeopathic medicines help tackling the learning disabilities as well. Appropriate homeopathic treatment helps prevent occurrence of co-morbid psychiatric illnesses. There has been definite improvement in the behaviour and performance of ADHD children on long term homeopathic treatment. Hence, Homoeopathy should be offered in such cases.

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