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Yoga Day 2017

Under the able guidance and blessings of HH Sri Ahobila Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamii and all elders, JIMS Homoeo College celebrated International Yoga Day  by all the students of JIMS Homeo College institutions.

Yoga and its Uses :

A:di Sesha, is the first Guru of Yoga(m). He had later taken the form of Pathanjali. He also took form as Ramanuja Acharya to bless us all with Jnana Yogam. That is why, we bow down to Ramanuja Acharya who is also with us here in the form of the deity.

Ultimate Goal of Yoga is to achieve mental stability and concentration. One should be able to sit and concentrate on God, thus achieving the union of the self with HIM. It is said that one should be able to think with ease on the ultimate goal of the self and carry on the journey towards it with the body that is given.na:sagranyassa nayanaha samrutha:sya:ha sunischalaha dhya:ye:tha manasa: de:vam vurovishtabhyaha agrathaha

It is not just mere control over bodily movements that one should strive for, but it is the ability to dive into a mode of dhyanam, to think deeply and actively without loss of focus for as long as you want on the ultimate goal of life

Yoga(m) has to be done only through guidance of right guru.

To be able to think about ‘who you are’ is the right deed to do. Depending on the guru you approach, the ‘who you are’ question can get you answers such as ‘body (sariram)’, ‘the self that resides in the body (a:thma)’, ‘union of the self with God’ ..

Positive thinking begins with the way you dress. You should always tie up your hair, otherwise thoughts are not stable, take bath and eat, be in the company of good people, seek refuge of a good teacher, aim for greater lo:kams. Our vedic way of life propagates all this in the form of Prathasmaraneeyam.

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