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Homoeopathy in Hair loss

Hair are a mirror of general health of a person. Strong and beautiful hair are indicative of a good health.Every person experiences hair fall at some point in his or her lifetime. In a few cases it is permanent whereas in some it is temporary. Although being a pain free condition, patients experience lot of anxiety and emotional distress because of it.

Hair loss is not just a cosmetic issue which concerns skin and hair. In most cases loss of hair is due to an internal disturbance. There are medical conditions which cause secondary loss of hair as in; nutritional deficiencies, pregnancy, post fever, alopecia areata, hypothyroidism, sleep disorders, smoking, stress, dandruff etc. There is no improvement in the hair fall without treatment of the internal disturbance. Many so called hair treatments are external, ineffective and unaffordable to masses.

Homoeopathic remedies like arnica, pilocarpine, wiesbaden, vinca minor are constituents of hair oils used to stimulate hair growth.

Homoeopathy treats patient as a whole and not in parts which is why it restores total health of the patient, and hair loss is corrected easily and permanently. Homoeopathy assists nature’s healing process which is why quality of new hair is much better as compared to only external therapies. Also, there is no need to continue the treatment once hair loss is corrected. Hence, homoeopathy is a cost effective option in treatment of hair loss.

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